chapter  Nine
The economic psyche
ByAndrew Samuels
Pages 24

A psychotherapist who spends a good deal of time and earns most of his money doing clinical work is trying to say something about the wider world of politics. People crossing disciplinary boundaries are going to find their credibility called into question, and economics is a difficult topic anyway. Political commentators have noted that, in the West, the well-known employment problems of male factory workers whose rustbelt industries are moribund are just one aspect of a global transformation in labour economics. Many women are likely to feel that they are already displaying the kind of economic flexibility the politicians are advocating: they are already entering and leaving the world of work as they respond to society's demands to fulfil their so-called female role as carers for children. The psyche is both conservative and creative. In the workshops, the economic psyche is explored under economics past, economics present, economics benevolent, economics shameful.