chapter  Sixteen
Consultation to a nursery school 1
WithMaria Emilia Pozzi
Pages 6

The intervention, which is different from the traditional under fives' counselling with families, shows how the school began to emerge from and transform the state of disarray into which it had been thrown. A request for a consultation came to Maria Emilia Pozzi from an infant school. The school wanted help in managing the difficult behaviour of their children and the stress that it caused to the staff, reflected in the number of absences and early retirements. The school was located next to a council estate, in a rough and deprived area, renowned for its social problems, vandalism, and delinquency. In the past the school had adopted a macho, authoritarian approach to badly behaved children, but now it wanted to adopt a more child-centred, gentle regime. In the final session, the three teachers who were with Maria Emilia at the beginning, together with the headmistress, reported a happier atmosphere in the school.