chapter  XI
The Schizoid Compromise and Psychotherapeutic Stalemate
ByHarry Guntrip
Pages 22

Schizoid patients suffer from what R. D. Laing has called 'ontological insecurity', using the terminology of existentialist philosophy. This philosophy regards human existence as fundamentally rooted in anxiety and insecurity, and, if one may judge from the clear signs of a schizoid mentality of aloofness and detachment in the writings of Heidegger and Sartre, this philosophy is an intellectual conceptualization of the fundamentally schizoid plight of practically all human beings, even if in varying degree. The two indubitably real parts of the personality which must ultimately grow together, are the utilitarian self of everyday conscious living and the fear-ridden infantile ego in a state of schizoid withdrawnness and arrested development deep in the unconscious. Hold-ups in analysis are sometimes discovered to be related to a successful schizoid 'half-in-and-half-out' relationship which the patient is maintaining in real life, but is keeping hidden from the analyst.