chapter  II
The Schizoid Problem, Regression, and the Struggle to Preserve an Ego. 1
ByHarry Guntrip
Pages 38

The schizoid has withdrawn from the outer world and the future, and in doing so turns back, regresses to the inner world where the past is enshrined. The fantasies and the analysis had revealed the powerful regressive drive that underlay his general character of schizoid detachment and withdrawal from real personal relationships. At that time author regardes the fantasies as all of a piece with the interest in breasts, and as a further extension of regression into the depths of infantile experience, beyond the breast into the womb where he would be 'safe inside'. 'Regression to the womb' is the profoundest expression of infantile dependence, when a weak infantile ego cannot cope with an inadequate or traumatic environment. 'The real decision is to be found' not in the birth trauma but in the psychological significance of the ultimate regressive longing. Melanie Klein carried intensive analytical investigations back into Freud's pre-oedipal period.