chapter  III
The Regressed Ego, The Lost Heart of the Self, and the Inability to Love
ByHarry Guntrip
Pages 28

A regressed part of the total ego has gone back into the womb driven by an intensity of fear that is absolute, an ever-present threat. 'The Schizophrenias' said: The mental deviation known as schizophrenia is an outgrowth of a special set of personality traits that is called schizoidism, which is but a name used to designate that type of person who lives essentially within himself, who shuns reality for reverie. The first leads to aggression and so to the classic guilt-depression, while the second leads to schizoid regression, a withdrawal of the libidinal ego from the outer world so that its energy 'flows backwards' to infantile levels and 'downwards' into the depths of the unconscious. In pathological regression, the important strains have come far too early, have seriously disturbed the normal development of ego-strength, and have left the unfortunate individual inwardly undermined and inadequate to face adult responsibilities.