chapter  VII
Resistance, The Self-Induced Blockage of the Maturing Process
ByHarry Guntrip
Pages 28

The hostility of the antilibidinal ego to direct dependence on anyone for help, and its hating to admit needs, is the most stubborn source of resistance to psychotherapy, and of resistance to the psychotherapist. An estimate of the intensity of this can sometimes be got from the patient's reactions to actual difficult children and to immaturity in grown-ups, and also from their sado-masochistic dreams, and the painfulness of their physical psychogenic symptoms. That ego-weakness is not due to lack of energy is evident from the tremendous energy shown by the antilibidinal ego in psychic self-attack. The libidinal ego feels weak because the focus of energy hits shifted to the antilibidinal self-persecuting function. Ego-weakness can exist along with psychic strength. The psyche begins as a potential primitive ego at an absolute starting-point, and should end as a fully matured ego, and from beginning to end its impulses are its own.