The identity development imperative
ByMark Bracher
Pages 15

This chapter explains why societies should pursue a vigorous and systematic project of identity support and development such as the one it have outlined. There are several fundamental reasons: providing identity support and development is the best, and ultimately the only, way to solve our most serious social problems; and social justice requires optimal identity support and development opportunities for everyone. A reason that promoting identity security and development is imperative is that it is a prerequisite for social justice. In addition to being an end in itself, moral behaviour is a prerequisite for solving social problems and producing social justice. Solving social problems requires moral behaviour on the part of those who are committing crimes and engaging in other antisocial behaviours. Producing social justice requires moral behaviour on the part of those in power, who are primarily responsible for the social, economic, political, and cultural realities in which everyone else attempts to survive and flourish.