chapter  Three
Terrorism and war
ByMark Bracher
Pages 27

The identity maintenance is the fundamental motivation of terrorism that is supported by several facts revealed by research and analysis. The facts are: most terrorists have significant vulnerabilities in their personal and/or collective identity; most terrorists have few alternative ways of establishing and maintaining a substantial sense of self; and many terrorists are heavily invested in identity contents that entail violence. The facts also include: being terrorist and engaging in terrorist activities provides numerous opportunities for enacting and being recognized for key identity contents in all three registers are masculinity, toughness, and domination; and terrorists’ ideation and actions embody numerous identity-supporting defences. War-entailing identity factors include: threats to the integrity of certain identity contents, especially threats seen as coming from another nation; the embodiment of malignant identity contents—contents entailing war, violence, conflict, or competition; and recognition through engaging in war.