chapter  Two
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Erotomania and unrequited love: case vignettes

ByHelen K. Gediman

In this chapter, the author begins with case examples and leads up to the more gripping film presentations of erotomania, unrequited love, and revenge. She presents some of her work with stalkees who have deepened her understanding of erotomanic stalking. In 2008, a woman writing under the assumed name of Kate Brennan published a memoir, In His Sights, of her experience as a victim of erotomanic stalking for more than a decade by her former boyfriend, Rand Paul, whom she had rejected. Surveillance stalking was a way to avenge his rejection. Aphanisis is the fear of total extinction of the capacity and opportunity for sexual pleasure and excitement. Whereas Charity actually and actively sought stalking and being stalked, Hester tormented herself with fears, fantasies, and quasi-delusions of being stalked, which she elaborated excessively. Hester has access to many empowered female role models that contradict the cultural stereotypes that pervade her stalking fantasies.