chapter  Four
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Voyeurism, sadism, and the primal scene in film portrayals of stalking and in filming itself

ByHelen K. Gediman

In this chapter, the author presents her own ideas about the parallel or layering process in doubling and voyeurism with reference to illustrative film. Primal scene imagery also features prominently in the two films: Rear Window and Peeping Tom. In Peeping Tom, as in other films with similar subject matter, voyeurism–exhibitionism almost imperceptibly blends in with its close psychosexual instinctual counterpart, sadism–masochism. Many film images touch on the centrality of the primal scene in the fantasy and real lives of stalkers. Evelyn of Play Misty for Me, and Alex of Fatal Attraction would be quintessential examples on point of film portrayals for Andrea Sabbadini’s covert, primal scene, voyeuristic sexual stalking. V. Manninem, in one of very few psychoanalytic studies of voyeurism and scoptophilia as perversion since O. Fenichel’s paper on the subject, presents a careful analysis of the film and the filming of Peeping Tom.