chapter  1
Music and the love of the master
ByScott Wilson
Pages 2

The demand is predicated, significantly, on a conditional that locates the master in the position of uncertainty, ignorance. If music be food, and if music be the food of love, play on. The master does not know, but in the “existential impasse” of his solitude, he wants to feel; he wants love. The end of their work is the master’s enjoyment, which he seeks in love that he hopes may be nourished by music. And the master demands to be stuffed with it, filled to the brim, overflowing. The master’s enjoyment is swollen with music, locus of excess, so that it becomes all, it becomes One, albeit the lonely one, wanting love and death. In his solitude, consumption is the sole manner of the master’s risking of death, but only to the degree to which it is captured by the music that inflates it to the limit.