chapter  Chapter Eleven
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Another scenario: Homo sapiens sapiens

ByRobert Langs, James O. Raney, David Smith

Archaic Homo sapiens was a transitional species that formed a bridge from Homo erectus to modern-day Homo sapiens sapiens, own species, which has been the exclusive hominid form for the past 150,000 years or so. Homo sapiens sapiens experienced a huge increase in brain size, with strong brain lateralization. This allowed for the left-sided concentration of the brain centres needed to develop the speech apparatus necessary for language expression and the complementary auditory receptivity. The driving power of external environmental impingements as a factor in evolution was supplemented in Homo sapiens sapiens by the driving power of inner emotionally traumatic realizations. Homo sapiens sapiens needed to forge new resources in order to cope with the enormous selection pressures that it had created for itself, but the time constraints of genetically driven evolutionary processes turned this situation into a biological emergency that nature was quite unprepared to deal with.