chapter  Chapter Twelve
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Solving the problems of death and violence

ByRobert Langs, James O. Raney, David Smith

This chapter explores the evolution of the processing or adaptive systems of the emotion-processing mind of Homo sapiens sapiens primarily in terms of the issue of conscious system overload caused by the massive selection pressures that arose from the enormity of its social and other environmental impingements. Natural selection needed to test out and sort through a wide range of variations in order to select for the most adaptive means of solving these two major problems—conspecific violence and existential death anxiety. The evolved architecture of the emotion-processing mind appears to offer very little in the way of sound resolutions to the problem of conspecific aggression and violence. These issues in their varied expressions undoubtedly are one of the greatest existing threats to the survival of the Homo sapiens sapiens species. Denial is an expensive means of defending against personal death and loss.