chapter  Chapter Fourteen
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Assessing the accomplishments of evolution

ByRobert Langs, James O. Raney, David Smith

This chapter offers a series of adaptationist programmes that pertain to the evolved structure and functioning of the emotion-processing mind. In recounting the evident basis for puzzling attributes of the emotion-processing mind, it is well to pause with one of the most compelling insights to stem from these evolutionary explorations. Denial of death leads to denial of the importance of reality in emotional life, and with that comes a denial of the nature and functions of rules, frames, and boundaries. This refers to the existence of a powerful and deeply insightful deep unconscious wisdom subsystem, whose adaptive processing and directives for adaptive solutions to environmental problems find no direct access to awareness and have virtually no effect on an individual’s adaptive responses. As hominids have been making advances culturally and technically, the forces and rules of evolution appear to be changing.