chapter  Chapter Sixteen
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Selectionism and the therapeutic process

ByRobert Langs, James O. Raney, David Smith

The theory of selectionism appears to challenge and recast a number of clinical issues related to both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. This chapter develops some clinical implications of this new perspective on emotional adaptation and its dysfunctions. Let begin this pursuit by defining the sources of maladaptive selection processes. The issue must consider revolves around the means by which each of these dysfunctional forms of selection are made and sustained, and how they can be modified in psychotherapy. Let consider some specific problems related to the curative process raised by a selectionist theory of the emotion-processing mind. As psychoanalysts, have a moral, ethical, and scientific obligation to establish the means by which can explore the emotional basis for this crisis of survival. The stakes are high. The exploration began as a quest for the clarification of psychoanalytic theory and for better ways of doing psychotherapy.