chapter  Chapter Eight
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The architecture of the emotion-processing mind

ByRobert Langs, James O. Raney, David Smith

The emotion-processing mind is able to create multiple simultaneous layers of representation of meaning. To illustrate the kinds of clinical observations on which the mapping of the design of the emotion-processing mind is based, this chapter introduces a clinical vignette and presents some insights derived from the other hierarchical levels of psychoanalytic observation and formulation before finally turning to a proposed evolutionary scenario for the mental module. On the basis of observing and formulating the manifest contents/evident implications of the patient’s material, the human mind seems relatively unaffected by violations of the ground rules of psychotherapy. The role of the therapist’s frame-related behaviours are relatively inconsequential for this formulation, and on this basis there would be little possibility of realizing that the emotion-processing mind operates not only with a conscious system, but with a second adaptive system as well. Its full architecture would go unappreciated.