chapter  TWELVE
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An analysis of greed

ByNeville Symington

Mythology that personifies the vices arid virtues has seized on an essential psychological truth. Greed is not a drive or an instinct, but functions as a person within the personality. When the analyst finds his generosity curbed, he is witnessing an inner drama in which his generous impulses are seized by greed. The ultimate effect is to seal off emotional contact between the analyst and the patient, and to seal off contact between one part of the self and another. Greed keeps the personality system sealed off from cross-fertilization with the social world around. Greed will not let the analysis cross the boundaries of inner space and incorporate the outer. This was the case with Mary—the analysis seemed to be working very well between people, but there it remained. When greed dominates the structure of intimacy, it vitiates personal relationships through the action of the ally, the Obliterator.