chapter  FOUR
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Imagination and curiosity of mind

ByNeville Symington

This chapter is based on two papers, one entitled "The Imagination required in our Environment" and the other "Curiosity of Mind". Imagination is the psychotherapist's instrument of understanding. A domain assumption is an all-pervading and deeply rooted attitude to life, which is rooted in the unconscious and not only colours the events, happenings, and relationships of a person's life, but also invests those events with a certain character, so that the person who said that his mother was cruel might also have said that he was unfairly treated at work, have formed a cynical attitude towards politics, and so on. When the world is a chaos of sensations coming from within people's own psychic structure and also from external sources, they cannot link them together into a meaningful whole without the creative faculty of imagination. The psychotherapist has to be guided by his feelings.