chapter  FIVE
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Mental pain and moral courage

ByNeville Symington

This chapter is based on two papers, one entitled "Pain" and the other "Moral Courage". It is a universal truth that all animals seek to avoid pain, and mankind is no exception to this general principle. Human beings have found the means to relieve physical pain, so that today people have extremely effective drugs that can prevent the patient from being exposed to the full intensity of certain illnesses. Five policemen were conversing in a local police station. Although they did not have definite evidence, they were sure that two recent burglaries had been done by an old-timer called Jimmy Tolbine. What is certain is that there is a very big difference between those psychotherapists who say that such a phenomenon is insignificant and not something of which a psychotherapist need take note, and the psychotherapist who says that this phenomenon is extremely important and that if it is ignored there will not be any lasting cure.