chapter  SIX
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Self-esteem in analyst and patient

ByNeville Symington

This chapter explores the following interwoven themes: the problem of unconscious resistance in the analyst, the analytic process as the third term in the analytic endeavour, and the disparity between inner identity and declared role. The husband was a stockbroker and the wife looked after their two daughters at their home outside London. The husband had been in a stockbroking firm since leaving school. It was a firm that his uncle was in, and he had been taken into the company on the old boy network. Now the wife's self-esteem was in her ability to look after her children, cook meals, and tidy the house: this was her unquestioned attitude from the time of their first meeting and within their marriage. The wife's sense of self-esteem was in her ability to mother her two daughters. However, the presence of the nanny clearly demonstrated that she could not mother her daughters, and so she felt deficient.