chapter  Six
A new hypothesis: the correlation between attachment theory and the Oedipus complex
ByRhona M. Fear
Pages 4

This part introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters. The part focuses upon the case studies of different individuals. It provides a cohesive narrative to the individuals’ story of their life troubles. The case studies that have been chosen are examples of individuals who have presented in therapy with an unresolved Oedipus complex, to which they have worked out a temporary “solution”. The part highlights the link between the “solution” that each individual finds for his or her problem and the attachment schema that each has developed as a result of his or her experience of growing up in the family of origin. It addresses the hypothesis that the individuals find a “solution” to their oedipal dilemma: this explains the manner in which an individual has decided to live his life in order to accommodate his oedipal conflict prior to his first presenting in therapy.