chapter  6
Facilitators, Regulators and Reciprocators: different approaches to pregnancy
ByJoan Raphael-Leff
Pages 11

The Facilitator greets pregnancy as the consolidation of her feminine identity. Cherishing her newly pregnant body, at times the facilitator luxuriates in a state of inward contemplation retaining only minimal interest in the external world. There are as many approaches to pregnancy as there are pregnant women. Barring unforeseen life-events, an unusual infant or therapeutic intervention, most women remain consistent in their approach throughout the pregnancy and mothering of that baby. Where a Facilitator has a like-minded partner, the couple retreat within the boundary of their womb-like support system, fearing that outsiders will interrupt the emotional flow between them or envy their creative intimacy. Unlike the Facilitator, to the Regulator introspection appears to be the ultimate laxity, negating out-going assertive qualities she has cultivated in herself. Although very aware during pregnancy of the sexed differences between them, male partners too may be Reciprocators in their mature ability to tolerate both mixed feelings and uncertainty of outcome.