chapter  Five
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The Training of the School

ByAnnie Tardits

Jacques Lacan linked the basic concepts of technique, “already powerfully articulated between themselves” by Sigmund Freud, and which constituted, within training, the “spirit of a tradition”, to the effects of language. The Freudian School of Paris, and even the French Society of Psychoanalysis, the relation between the training of analysts and psychiatric knowledge, was more dialectical. To restore the symbolic chain that over determines a subject in the dimensions “of history of a life lived as history” is one of the ways Lacan, in 1957, understood the training of the analyst. Among the related but distinct branches of knowledge that Freud recommended in 1926 for the training of analysts, were biology and the science of sexual life. The teaching that Lacan truly “devoted” to the training of analysts susceptible of applying the “desire of the analyst” to the treatment had a different emphasis from the Freudian development.