chapter  Six
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The Apparatuses of the School

ByAnnie Tardits

Jacques Lacan and some others with him thought that the foundation of the School found its guarantee in a teaching devoted to redeveloping analytic doctrine by getting as close as possible to its object. The dispersion of Lacan’s students certainly followed the lines of transference links, but, in essence, the bond with his teaching was decisive. The relation to the two apparatuses of the school established by this teaching, in particular the relation to his proposition to rethink the qualification of the analyst, doubtlessly guided this dispersion. Contemporary with the apparatuses that Michel Foucault studied, a social apparatus of training was formed; professional training was one of its effects, among others. In different ways and at different times, the apparatuses of the cartel and the pass allow the association with others, which is a precondition for it. Lacan founded, in the School, the hope of a community of work and experience, which his “doctrinal apparatus” tried to orientate.