chapter  Ten
Case two: Daniel
ByAida Alayarian
Pages 36

Daniel, a twenty-seven-year-old, married man with one child, was referred by his psychiatrist, who felt at a loss as to what to do with him. Daniel came to the UK as an unaccompanied minor when he was fourteen, due to the loss of his entire family. In the referral letter, the psychiatrist reported that medication had no effect on Daniel’s level of anxiety, and in their face-to-face sessions, Daniel had been unable to speak about himself and that they had many occasions when he was completely blocked. He was referred for assessment and possible treatment for anxiety attacks and his increased outbursts of anger, which led to physical violence, directed at the walls and furniture, and destructive behaviour towards his wife in front of his child. While his rages never led to physical attacks on his wife and child, the provocations were severe; shouting, nagging, taunting, mocking, baiting, and so on. He raised a concern that he was neglecting his little girl while he was in his “dark mood”.