chapter  Five
ByAida Alayarian
Pages 15

The term resilience is offered with a list of the factors typically found in resilient people, expanding on some of the psychoanalytic concepts that can be viewed as the equivalent to resilience. These are applied to two vignettes, illustrating one individual who demonstrates resilience and another who lacks resilience. The psychic space, sense of self and listening provides as elements of the overall hypothesis for the foundation of resilience in relation to different types of dissociation. The development of resilience among individuals who have experienced trauma with a specific psychopathology is important. The chapter asserts that the development of some pathology in response to traumatic experiences in adult life has a clear connection to childhood and adolescence experiences. It provides clinical data evidence of patients’ developmental milestones, and, from a relational perspective, the existence of good enough parents as the listening others, which lays the foundations for resilience.