chapter  Seven
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A non-clinical encounter

ByAida Alayarian

In this chapter, the author gives a few brief factual presentations that she encountered with Boris. The author aims to use the sense of self as an existential function that is connected to object relations, which depends on the socio-cultural circumstances, and the central aspects of the loss of a socio-cultural environment. She also aims to use the term psychic space, but it is less experiential or existential, being based instead on one’s identity and ability to have a sense of the self, rather as the psychic structure is correlated with sense of self, but in a different conceptual framework. The author explores the loss of psychic space and the forces that gave rise to some atrocious hardships going on under his authority and his inability or helplessness to see these. She discusses the dissociative is a descriptive model of a traumatic experience in adult life, the persistence of traumatic memories, and the general characteristics of post traumatic dissociation.