chapter  II
The Village
ByBronislaw Stefaniszyn
Pages 25

The Ambo village is formed and maintained by a minor matrilineage; in Ambo parlance a village belongs to such-and-such a clan, meaning a minor matrilineage of such a clan. The ambition of establishing a village of one's own is particularly widespread among middle-aged men. Such a leader seldom breaks up an established village-owning minor matrilineage. There is no particular ground plan for villages. Huts are scattered in a rather haphazard way a few yards distant from one another and tend to be more congested at the outskirts of the village. Towards the centre of the village there is a more open space. Mtondo village was rather larger in 1944 when I knew it than the average village, having 23 families. Mtondo village then had over 100 inhabitants. Mtondo village broke up into four villages along the lines of clan affiliation. The occasion for the split was the change of the village site and the making of new gardens.