chapter  Chapter 2
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Remote Sensing Data Integration in a Cloud Computing Environment

WithLizhe Wang, Jining Yan, Yan Ma

This chapter discusses the middleware-based integration mode to realize the distributed remote sensing data integration. It provides an overview of the background knowledge and related work. The chapter describes the distributed multi-source remote sensing metadata transformation and integration. The remote sensing metadata will be indexed by the SolrCloud, and their corresponding thumbnails will be archived in the file system. The chapter introduces the experiments and provides an analysis of the proposed program. It reviews the distributed integration of remote sensing data, as well as the internationally popular data system framework object-oriented data technology (OODT). OODT focuses on two canonical use cases: big data processing and information integration. The main center is primarily responsible for the ingestion and archiving of the metadata and thumbnails of remote sensing images, and enables uniform query and access for the integrated remote sensing data.