chapter  4
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Lean Transportation Management

ByMohamed Achahchah

A key change agent in the Lean journey to make transportation management a strategic differentiator is the value stream manager of the transportation function, previously called transportation manager. Only an experienced and successful transportation manager with demonstrated Lean leadership skills, a proven record of accomplishment with measurable and confirmed results in transportation management, and knowledge of the transportation industry and the company's processes, is able to build, lead, coach, and teach his or her team of seasoned and young professionals and global process owners. Companies deploying Lean philosophy believe that good processes lead to good results. Lean transportation is possible by moving away from the push to the pull strategy and support the business by providing reliable, fast, frequent, and small quantities only when needed to prevent high inventory investments and inventory holding costs. In Lean, it is common to use a house and its pillars to visualize the building blocks of a management system.