chapter  1
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WithMark Cole

In this chapter, the authour shows that there was an express connection being made between organisational effectiveness and the programme that was being offered to the employees. It was not an altruistic effort to improve the lot of the workers in and of itself: it was quite blatantly an exercise to incorporate the workforce in order to extract greater output from them. One might argue that no one is being harmed in this: the employees are developing through the initiative and employer is getting a bigger bang for their wage-buck. Organisation development (OD) is defined in contrast to the rendering of human beings as mere assets in a business; this conceit can be found in various histories of OD and authored by those with a significant presence in the field. If Radical OD is to be governed by any watchword, it would be that nothing is out of scope of inquiries–and that inquiry is an intrinsic feature of working radically.