chapter  5
The Quest for Peace and Security
WithBernard Reich, Gershon R. Kieval
Pages 48

Israel recognizes that peace and cooperation with the neighboring Arab states is vital for the long-term survival and development of the Jewish state, and this remains a cornerstone of its foreign policy. Israel has developed an impressive body of fundamental principles and political-military concepts on which it bases its security policy. The preoccupation and preeminent concern of Israelis and of Israeli policymakers with peace, national survival, and security is a consequence of Israel's geostrategic situation, particularly the conflict with its Arab neighbors. The Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was a significant accomplishment that implemented one of the two Camp David frameworks and represented a first step toward a comprehensive Arab-Israeli settlement and regional stability. The Six Day War of June 1967 modified the content of the issues central to the Arab-Israeli conflict as the realities of Arab hostility, the nature of the Arab threat, and the difficulties of achieving a settlement were reinforced.