chapter  6
Israel and the United States
WithBernard Reich, Gershon R. Kieval
Pages 16

The United States and Israel have been linked in a complex and multifaceted "special relationship" that had its origins prior to the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. The concept of Israel as a "strategic asset" was more of an outcome of the developing relationship than a foundation for its establishment. The relationship between the United States and Israel underwent substantial, although incremental, change during the Ronald Reagan administration. The United States believed that a Rabin-led government would be different from a Shamir-led one on various grounds, including personal chemistry, political procedure, and peace-making substance. Israel has neither a mutual-security treaty with the United States nor is it a member of any alliance system requiring the United States to take up arms automatically on its behalf. The increase in Israel's dependence on the United States and the areas of policy discord suggest possible reemployment of various forms of pressure utilized by the United States.