chapter  2
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Greenhouse Gases: Warmer Isn’t Better

ByMichael Carolan

The term CO2 equivalent is used to reduce different greenhouse gases to a common unit. For any quantity and type of greenhouse gas, this signifies the amount of CO2 that would have the equivalent global warming impact. As the number of people living in cities continues to grow—more than half of the world's population now resides in an urban area—so too will the number of urban residents vulnerable to climate change. Many of the urban centers that face the largest increase in threats from climate change are in nations least responsible for global warming, as their national greenhouse gas emissions per capita are among the lowest in the world. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has highlighted certain populations that warrant special attention because of their heightened food-related vulnerabilities attributable to climate change. Climate change is ultimately about greater fluctuations in weather extremes, which include both very hot and very cold temperatures.