chapter  6
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Population: A Problem of Quantity or Quality?

ByMichael Carolan

This chapter focuses entirely on the subject of population growth. It is clear that population growth alone cannot account for raising CO2 emissions. The links between population growth and food security are mediated by a number of social variables, which is cause for hope. Urban spraw — spreading of urban development into areas adjoining cities — can occur with or without population growth. Japan population began falling in 2004 and is now aging faster than any other on Earth. Roughly a quarter of the entire population is sixty-five or older (in the United States that figure is about 15 percent). Urban planners in South Asia are continually advised by North American and European experts about the ecological benefits that come with increased urban population density. we can't separate automobile populations from human ones. After all, someone has to drive all those biofuel automobiles. It would be wrong to attribute all the world's ecological problems to population growth.