chapter  4
87 Pages

Policy Implications

ByJoyce L. Epstein

This chapter discusses a short reading outlining useful state policies and several examples of state and district policies that are consistent with the theory, research, and framework for school, family, and community partnerships. It includes one reading that reports the results of research on whether and how well districts are addressing requirements for parental involvement in federal policy-No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The chapter presents the quantitative analyses of whether and how well districts are addressing NCLB requirements for improving programs of family involvement. The readings, discussions, and activities in the chapter should help people to explore, critique, and consider policies for improving school, family, and community partnerships in states, districts, and schools. The readings, comments, questions, and activities in the chapter suggest that federal, state, district, and school policies are needed to sustain strong school-based programs of family and community involvement that engage all parents in their children's education.