chapter  5
106 Pages

A Practical Framework for Developing Comprehensive Partnership Programs

ByJoyce L. Epstein

This chapter turns from theory, research, and policy to practice. The information in the chapter provides the background and understanding needed to resolve difficult challenges that arise for some types of involvement and for organizing comprehensive programs of school, family, and community partnerships. The chapter summarizes the theory, framework, and guidelines from authors’ research that should help elementary, middle, and high schools and education leaders take steps toward successful partnerships. The framework and guidelines in this chapter can be used by thoughtful educators to organize high-quality, ongoing professional development on partnerships, school by school. Partnership schools, districts, and states have worked hard to put the recommendations of the chapter into practice in ways that are appropriate for their locations. The chapter focuses on the research-based framework of six types of involvement. It discusses challenges that must be met to conduct excellent activities, and learn about the results of well-designed and well-implemented activities.