chapter  7
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Palestinian Resistance to Israeli Occupation

The First Intifada
WithSamih K. Farsoun, Naseer H. Aruri

Throughout Palestine’s long history, international, regional, and local events have been linked: Trade, invasion, and pilgrimage routes often put this territory and its people at the center of international attention. Modern Palestinian history in particular stands out against the backdrop of world events. Forced into exile by the catastrophic wars of 1948 and 1967, Palestinians were dispersed throughout the globe or suspended in political limbo on the land they had inhabited for centuries. 1 In the mid-1990s, about 40 percent of the estimated 6.8 million Palestinians resided in historical Palestine; the rest were scattered throughout the Arab world (significant numbers living in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and the Arabian Peninsula) and abroad. 2 From their precarious position since 1948, Palestinians have engaged in various forms of resistance at critical historical periods and in everyday life.