chapter  8
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The PLO-Israel Oslo Accords

Structure and Dynamics
WithSamih K. Farsoun, Naseer H. Aruri

The “peace process” on which the PLO and Palestinian leaders from the occupied territories embarked in 1991 in Madrid was a turning point in Palestinian history. After almost two years of frustrating and fruitless public negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian delegation from the occupied territories, top secret PLO-Israeli negotiations cultivated by the Norwegian government suddenly produced an accord. In late August 1993, Israel and the PLO announced agreement on a “set of principles” to resolve the hundred-year-old conflict between the two peoples. Initialed in Oslo, the Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements (called the Oslo Accords because it also includes documents of mutual recognition between Israel and the PLO) was signed in September 1993 on the lawn of the White House.