chapter  7
Fundamental Causes: Technology
WithThomas More Hoban
Pages 10

We begin Part 3 of Green Justice with an older case, du Pont v. Train, because it, more succinctly than most, brings out the difficulties of regulating the effects of technology in modern society. As we discussed in the introduction to Part 3 technology is one candidate for the dubious mantle of ultimate cause for the problem of pollution. When used in this sense, “technology” means those specialized industrial, mechanical, electronic, or chemical processes that go into producing the objects, gadgets, and goodies that our society has decided it needs. You may not remember it now, but you probably first heard about the extent of our current environmental crisis on a television or a radio, the making of which generated hazardous wastes (its circuit boards were etched with acids, the joints soldered); most people drive their cars to meetings to discuss clean air.