chapter  18
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Modernization and Development: Prospects and Problems

WithRobert C. Oberst, Yogendra K. Malik, Charles H. Kennedy, Ashok Kapur, Mahendra Lawoti, Syedur Rahman, Ahrar Ahmad

Bangladesh is often described as the "largest poorest" nation in the world. Bangladesh has tried to nurture its relationship with the Islamic world not only to bolster its identity as one of the largest Muslim countries but also to pursue economic interests in terms of trade relations and manpower exports that are vital to its economy. It is a nation with few natural resources beyond its fertile soil and abundant natural gas. A major source of power for Bangladesh is the abundant natural gas found in much of the country. Coupled with malnutrition, epidemic tropical diseases seriously debilitate much of the population, which in turn lowers the level of human resources. The frequent changes of government in Bangladesh and the swings in economic policy have acted as disincentives to investors, both domestic and foreign. Bangladesh must nurture the spirit, more than anything else, as it ventures to the next level of modernization and development.