chapter  3
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The First Muslim Revolution

WithArthur Goldschmidt, Aomar Boum

During Muhammad's mission, those who believed in him as God's messenger came to be known as Muslims. Muhammad's own sayings and actions concerning practical matters unaddressed by the Qur'an or traditional Arab customs were becoming an authoritative guide for Muslim behavior. To Muhammad, though, the Jews, Christians, and Hanifs just might have answers to the problems that were gnawing at the core of pagan Meccan society. Once new revelations reached Muhammad, he came to know that his mission was real. Muhammad believed that his marriages were prescribed for him by God, and he always enjoyed the company of women. Muhammad and his followers drew up the Constitution of Medina as a concrete expression of their umrtia. No wonder the Muslims, when they later set up their own calendar, made the first year the one in which the hijra had occurred. Muslims tend to abide by some general pillars of faith.