chapter  1
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Sociocultural literacy, discourses, and the new work order

WithJames Paul Gee, Glynda Hull, Colin Lankshear

A sociocultural approach involves the view that language, literacy, and learning can only be understood when situated in their social and cultural settings. This chapter develops a sociocultural approach to language, literacy, and learning that deals directly with this new work order and that integrates concern for schools with concern for workplaces. Law school is a set of related social practices. A Discourse is composed of ways of talking, listening, reading, writing, acting, interacting, believing, valuing, and using tools and objects, in particular settings and at specific times, so as to display or to recognize a particular social identity. The new work order emerging in the new capitalism allows us to refocus a number of issues crucial to sociocultural approaches to literacy and learning. Leaders can scarcely achieve this motivation by trying to assert top-down control over their newly empowered workers.