chapter  6
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A tale of one village: global capitalism and Nicaragua

WithJames Paul Gee, Glynda Hull, Colin Lankshear

Any full understanding of the new global work order calls for the ability to relate local parts of the emerging global economic system to the global whole. In fact, such 'parts-to-whole reasoning' is celebrated in contemporary ideals and conceptions of learning and knowing in the fast capitalist literature. This chapter engages in such reasoning by looking at one local part of the global scene and its very problematic relations to the whole. It presents a case study which delves further into the world of the new capitalism in ways that highlight some of the blind spots in fast capitalist accounts of the new work order and indicate some material consequences of these blind spots. The members of the San Jose cooperative organized themselves in ways that are quite like those suggested by fast capitalist texts. San Jose, like Nicaraguan enterprise in general, was operating from a very low technological base.