chapter  Chapter Three
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Between Friends Who Are Enemies

WithPaul F. Gardner

Guerrilla warfare continued unabated, giving the Dutch an ongoing excuse “to restore order.” After a brief deviation caused by congressional opposition to the first Dutch “police action,” US policymakers returned to their basically pro-Netherlands orientation. The Republic was too new, too distant, and for the first years of its existence, too isolated by Dutch military forces to build a constituency in the United States. The Dutch insisted on an East Indies site, and the Indonesians pressed for any of several cities in neighboring countries. Yogyakarta, as a nominally autonomous sultanate, had been partially shielded from Dutch colonialism. The Indonesians accepted the Christmas proposals on the last day of the year, only to have the Dutch respond with twelve counterproposals. Coert DuBois also listed in detail Republican strengths he had observed, pointing out that the Dutch were making a serious mistake in discounting them. The Dutch also intercepted Arnold Brackman telegram, which was sent after Daniel Schorr’s.