chapter  6
Education: From Postmodernism to Ethnography of Being
ByPhilip Wexler
Pages 18

As the institutional sedimentation of earlier movements for social change and renewal, schools show instead an antivitalist preoccupation with decontextualized, abstract intellectual, so-called cognitive performance. The educational field is constituted contradictorily by sensually repressive performance cognitivism that denies realization of the fully lived being of students. It is outside the schooled universe of discourse there to talk of an education-for-being. Meanwhile, the contemporary research discussion about school culture is divided between rationalizing and even formularizing these craft practices; on the other side, it offers speculative theories on cultural research, often by people who have themselves engaged only perfunctorily in the arduous craft labor of actually studying school culture. Postmodernism in socioeducational theory and research has appropriated only the most superficial aspect of its sociocultural regime, as educational narratology now does for the return of representation that occurs along with a renewed cultural coherence.