chapter  12
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Kuwaiti Paramilitary and Internal Security Forces

WithAnthony H. Cordesman

Kuwait has few paramilitary forces other than a National Guard. This force has an authorized strength of 5,000, although its actual strength is much lower. Kuwait, have strong internal security forces. Kuwait, has been the target of aggressive Iranian and Iraqi intelligence operations, and has had to deal with much more severe internal, security threats than the other Southern Gulf countries. Like all Gulf states, the Kuwaiti legal system allows the government to deal with security cases differently from standard civil cases. Kuwait allows more freedom of expression than most other states in the Gulf and the Middle East, although it again has powerful legal tools to maintain internal security. Kuwaiti Labor Law does apply to Kuwaiti nationals, but virtually all Kuwaiti national either work for the government or in family business. As a result, Kuwait's labor legislation is largely a means of controlling foreign labor, although it has been applied to Kuwaitis in a number of cases.