chapter  6
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Kuwaiti Military Spending and Arms Imports

WithAnthony H. Cordesman

A US estimate of Kuwaiti central government spending, military spending, deliveries of military imports, and total export earnings. These trends are shown in constant 1993 dollars, and reflect the fact that Kuwaiti military expenditures took up only a relatively moderate share of Kuwaiti central government expenditures and arms imports until the Gulf War. According to US estimates, Kuwait spent over $1 billion annually on military forces beginning in the early 1980s. It spent around $1.5 billion during 1983-1985—the period when it felt most threatened by Iran. Kuwait's effort to reequip and expand its forces have also been costly and have led to a bitter debate between the government and the National Assembly over how much Kuwait should spend on arms. In 1992, the Emir issued a decree that called for Kuwait to spend roughly $ 11.8 billion on arms over the next twelve years.