chapter  9
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Kuwait’s Land Forces Since the Gulf War

WithAnthony H. Cordesman

Kuwaiti has set a goal of creating four active, full brigades, but a number of experts believe this is not possible. These experts believe that Kuwait can create two fully manned and well equipped armored brigades, and two other brigades which mix active manning with a rapidly mobilizable reserve. Kuwait has to make major cuts in the army reequipment plans it developed immediately after the Gulf War. Kuwait initially considered ordering some 700 main battle tanks, and matching numbers of armored infantry fighting vehicles, artillery weapons and other systems. Kuwait's operational tank strength now seems to include 85 Yugoslav M-84s, out of a total of 150. The rest are in storage because of manpower problems and a lack of spare parts. Kuwait has placed additional orders with the US, many of which will strengthen its armored warfare capabilities. Equipment and basing problems are only part of the challenge Kuwait faces in creating effective land forces.