chapter  7
Consequences of Dissent
ByCharles C. Euchner
Pages 26

The state stadium authority cut deals with some protesters, leaving others without any protection or an active organization to press their concerns. The university's rejection of the protesters' demands actually helped the anti-apartheid cause in the long run, not only publicizing the issues but also training new activists and testing new strategies of dissent. As obvious as the impact of protest on the American landscape has been, many of the victories of extraordinary politics are so small and evanescent that they might be ignored. Protest has also helped to shape electoral politics throughout American history. The civil rights movement produced the greatest impact of extraordinary politics in recent years, reshaping electoral coalitions for a generation. The cultural divide has shaped every conceivable issue animating American politics—and, indeed, the politics of much of the rest of the world—since the 1960s. Political education is perhaps the most important product of protest.